RAFA 2013 (www.rafa2013.eu) will be organised on November 5-8, 2013, in Prague, Czech Republic.

RAFA 2011 outcomes

The organizers of RAFA 2011 would like to thank all speakers, participants and sponsors and exhibitors for their contributions to very interesting and successful conference.

Prof. Dr. Jana Hajšlová (ICT Prague)
Prof. Dr. Michel Nielen (RIKILT, Wageningen)
Chairwoman of Symposium
Co-chairman of Symposium

RAFA 2011 in numbers

  • 650 scientists participated
  • 47 countries from 5 continents represented
  • 80 lectures including 21 young scientists’ presented
  • 490 posters/e-presentations presented
  • 44 companies exhibited / sponsored the conference
  • 6 media partners participated
  • 12 vendor seminars, 2 satellite workshops, 2 Open days of EC 7th FP project organized

Poster Awards

The RAFA 2011 award for the best poster presented was given to Jérémy Ratel, INRA, France. The poster was entitled “Volatile compound metabolic signatures in poultry fat for back-tracing dietary exposure to hexabromocyclododecane (HBCD)”.

Poster Awards sponsored by Agilent Technologies, RETSEK and SHIMADZU companies were given to:

Marilena Dasenaki, University of Athens, Athens, Greece. The poster was entitled “Multi-residue determination of veterinary drugs and pharmaceutical residues in dairy products and egg using liquid chromatography – tandem mass spectrometry”.

Stefan Kittlaus, Joint analytical systems, Moers, Germany. The poster was entitled “Automated raw extract analyser for pesticides – determination of 300 pesticides from different foods without sample preparation using 2D-LC-MS/MS”.

Veronika Krtkova, Institute of Chemical Technology, Prague, Czech Republic. The poster was entitled “Determination of organic engineered nanoparticles in food using UPLC-TOF MS”.

Poster Awards for young scientists sponsored by CAMO Software AS company were given to:

1st - Ivana Dakova, University of Sofia, Bulgaria. The poster was entitled “Mercury determination and speciation in wine by new ion-imprinted sorbents”.

2nd - Buket Sahin, German Research Center for Food Chemistry, Freising, Germany. The poster was entitled “Effect of texture and aging on the availability of important wheat bread aroma compounds during consumption (PTR-MS)”.

3rd - James McKenzie, University of York, UK. The poster was entitled “Using multiple analytical techniques to assist with feature selection and identification in complex mixture analysis”.


RAFA 2013 will be organised on November 5-8, 2013, in Prague, Czech Republic.

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Exhibitors & Sponsors
RAFA 2011 thanks to its sponsors and exhibitors.

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