RAFA 2013 (www.rafa2013.eu) will be organised on November 5-8, 2013, in Prague, Czech Republic.

1st European Workshop on
Ambient Mass Spectrometry and Related Mass Spectrometry-Based Techniques in Food / Natural Products Control:
Safety, Authenticity, Forensics, Metabolomics

Prague, June 18-20, 2012


Scientific program

The workshop program will comprise presentations by ICT, RIKILT and other invited international experts (final list will be provided in March) specialized in applications listed below. Tailor made solutions as well as troubleshooting issues will be interactively discussed; strategies applicable for interpretation of generated data will be also thoroughly addressed.

  • CHEMICAL SAFETY CONTROL (residues / contaminants / toxicants)
  • FORENSICS (food / nutraceuticals / environmental matrices)
  • METABOLOMICS (fingerprinting / profiling)

Vendor seminars and exhibitions will be organized within the event.

Poster session will give a floor for presentations and discussions of participants’ research in areas relevant to the workshop topics.

For more information please download FLYER on the workshop

RAFA AMS workshop 2012 Book of Abstracts